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Hindu Newspaper Classified Ad Booking
Hindu Newspaper Ad Booking


The Hindu is a single-edition English-language Indian newspaper. With a circulation of 1.17 million copies, The Hindu has its largest base of circulation in South India, especially Tamil Nadu. Therefore book classifieds in Hindu when planning to advertise in Tamil Nadu and other South Indian states.


The two types of classified ads, namely Classified Text and Classified Display ads are charged differently due to the difference in their formats. Classified Text Ads also known as Run on line ads are charged on the basis of the number of lines/characters/ words used in the content of the advert. Classified Display ads a.k.a as column ads are calculated according to the amount of space taken up by the advert in per sq.cm unit. CD ads are available both in colored and black and white format and their size can only be altered in height or length.

The Hindu is one of India’s leading dailies, known for their spectacular editing and their excellent coverage of local, national and international news events. Founded in 1878 to serve compelling nationalistic interests, the Hindu is now widely regarded as one of the foremost dailies, editiorially speaking. The Hindu is widely read and held in high regard by readers all over the country, and according to an Indian Readership Survey (IRS) study conducted in 2013, the third most widely read English newspaper in India.

To book your classified ad in The Hindu, take the following steps:

· Choose ad category, view rates and select an advertising location.

· Compose your ad. You can view our sample ad gallery to get a better idea on how to advertise effectively.

· Finally, select advertising dates & clear payment.

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