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Hindustan Times Newspaper Classified Ad Booking
Hindustan Times Newspaper Ad Booking


Hindustan Times (HT) is a leading newspaper in India and is the flagship publication of HT Media Ltd. Book Classifieds in Hindustan Times since it has a nation wide reach in India (barring Southern India), with simultaneous editions from New Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi and Kolkata.


The two types of classified ads, namely Classified Text and Classified Display ads are charged differently due to the difference in their formats. Classified Text Ads also known as Run on line ads are charged on the basis of the number of lines/characters/ words used in the content of the advert. Classified Display ads a.k.a as column ads are calculated according to the amount of space taken up by the advert in per sq.cm unit. CD ads are available both in colored and black and white format and their size can only be altered in height or length.

Hindustan Times has grown to become the second widely read newspaper in the country with a circulation of over 10 lakhs and is the undisputed leader in Northern India. Here’s why Hindustan Times classifieds is popular:

Wide readership: It is the smart age newspaper in India to evolve into a new international size, sleeker and smarter, which ensures enhanced ease of reading and convenient handling.

Supplements: It has overhauled its existing supplements and added new ones to its portfolio.Supplements like HT Estates (on real estate and interiors) are the first of their kind in their respective categories.

Coverage: It has a strong presence in North India make it one of the most formidable media players primarily because of its tradition of credibility, authenticity, and the depth and width of its coverage.

Brand equity: Its content is enriched by virtue of it being part of the Hindustan Times group.Hindustan Times has entered into a strategic alliance with The Indian Express, Mid-Day and Deccan Chronicle.

Cost effective: The cover price of the newspaper makes it affordable for all. The price tag goes Rs 5 for each copy.