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Q I want to release a radio ad. I would like to know about the booking procedure and the time required to process the ad??

releaseMyAdis an online ad booking portal which assists customers to book advertisements from the comfort of their homes. Radio advertising is one of the most fruitful methods of capturing the attention of one’s target audience as radio has the least ad avoidance scenario.

To book radio advertisements on the internet you need to login to our website and just click on  Get Started. Three easy steps will guide through the process.

1)    Selecting Media Plan

·         Your chosen city

·         The ad length of your choice

·         The frequency with which you want your ads to be played

·         Theduration of your ad campaign (campaign duration), and

·         The time you want your ads played (ad placement)

Once you have selected all these steps you need to decide on your media plan. Choosing your radio stations is included in this part and covers the rates of each radio station. Here, all you need to do is club your chosen radio stations together to create a suitable media plan of your choice.

2)    Composing your Advertisement

The next part includes choosing a creative. You can either upload your advertisement or let us create your advertisements. We have shaped up captivating ad creative for our clients before.

3)    Selecting Date and Making Payments

This step includes selection of your chosen dates to play your advertisement and the final step of confirming your media plan. After which you make payments using our various online and offline modes of payments.

Once you clear you payment and the radio station approves your advertisement you are ready to go on air.

We take minimum of 2 days time to process your Ad if the ad creative is ready and if you want us to develop the ad creative it would take 5 days.

You can also call us at 09674167524 to discuss your options with our radio advertisement experts or you can mail us at to get instant help.

Answered by Jacqueline Paul
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