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Research has found advertising in Radio is most successful as it has the least ad avoidance scenario. Delhi NCR has a wide network of radio stations – Radio City, Radio Mirchi, Red FM, Oye FM, Big FM, Fever FM, HIT FM along with four AIR stations co-exist, each with its dedicated listener base......
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Lucknow and Allahabad are two very important cities of Uttar Pradesh. With advertising needs growing everyday here, advertisers are turning to Radio Advertising to reach their target audience. releaseMyAd is an organisation bridging this gap between the advertisers and their target audience via radi......
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You can easily advertise in Power 107.8 FM Kolkata via releaseMyAd to get maximum results from your campaign.You can also get Ad creatives done by us.We are in partners with Jingle India and create the most amazing jingles that helps you get instant customer attention. You can visit our creative......
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ReleaseMyAd helps you not only to book your radio ads but also assists you in creating exclusive ads.We are in partners with Jingle India who create melodious impactful ads for our clients at a really great price. You can visit our Creative Page and view our partners sample work. In case of fu......
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Radio Advertising provides you with 2 kinds of Ad formats: 1)Jingle-It is a small song or piece of music, used for selling an idea, product or service or for recall of the idea , product or service. 2)Voice Over-It is a straight read, fact filled persuasive ads. ReleaseMyAd helps you in cre......
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