Advertise in Hindustan Times - Ht City

Publishing Days

All Days

Booking Deadline

2 day prior to release date

Minimum Size

4cms (W) x 4cms (H)

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Select the city you want to advertise in:

Edition Circulation Rate
Chandigarh179077 Copies Rs.290 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Delhi840464 Copies Rs.2000 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Gurgaon72427 Copies Rs.250 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Haryana36346 Copies Rs.1125 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Jharkhand165771 Copies Rs.80 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Mumbai658350 Copies Rs.1400 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Punjab86303 Copies Rs.310 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE

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Frequently Asked Questions

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