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Political advertisements act as a tool or medium to facilitate communication between the people running for or holding power and the public at large. They are useful for conveying significant information regarding the ongoing political scenario and thereby ensuring awareness. Such advertisements are primarily regarding election announcements, campaigns or issues addressed by the government. Newspaper classified display ads serve the purpose of political advertisements. The more appealing the ad, the more enthusiasm it generates. Newspapers, with its humongous population of readers, have an appreciable impact while garnering electoral votes for candidates. These ads are however expensive and should not be distasteful in any manner.

releaseMyAd enables the government, individuals and parties to publish political classified ads hassle free and at the lowest costs. Specific audiences can be targeted through publications in leading and regional dailies, which is valuable during the election process. Innovative strategies can be implemented to best appeal to the audiences through our fully customized interface and 24x7 expert advice. The aim is to understand your needs and cater to it in the best possible way.

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Tips on getting a Election or political Ad:

  • The message should be clear and crisp and conveyed in a public-friendly manner.
  • Required emphasis can be made through proper formatting and use of bold and italics.
  • Information should be complete and inclusion of details of publishing party is mandatory.
  • Election posters should include picture and profile of the candidate and symbol of representing party.
  • It should be taken care that the sentiment of the public is not hurt in any manner.
  • Attention can be captured through use of vibrant colours and important date and time of events must be clearly mentioned.

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