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Amar Ujala Rates and offers for Amar Ujala Advertisement Booking
Amar Ujala Advertisement Rate Card (2016)

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Newspaper Advertisements have been around longer than any other form of advertisement we see nowadays.Surprisingly being the most traditional medium,it is the first preference of every advertiser.The reason is that readers trust on newspapers has a strong holo effect on the advertisements published in it.Newspaper's various sections provides readers with profound information and stimulates the minds of the readers.This enables advertisers to reach the right audience, who are receptive to the Ad messages.

Advertising in newspaper is the best choice to receive the desired response only if it is cost-effective and efficient.Getting the best rates for newspaper advertising is a challenge in itself.releaseMyAd, the leading newspaper ad agency of the country helps individuals and businesses to avail the lowest rates for their classified and display across all the newspapers of the country.Being an INS accredited agency and bulk media buyers we offer the most amazing rates for your newspaper Ads.Avail the latest newspaper advertising rate card with a pool of offers & discounts only via releaseMyAd.

Amar Ujala Circulation Info

Agra (201,050 Copies) Meerut (189,236 Copies) Bareilly (161,355 Copies) Moradabad (138,769 Copies)
Aligarh (75,609 Copies) Kanpur (171,755 Copies) Jhansi (47,717 Copies) Varanasi (216,995 Copies)
Allahabad (99,503 Copies) Gorakhpur (115,394 Copies) Dehradun (152,711 Copies) Nainital (102,935 Copies)
Delhi (197,603 Copies) Chandigarh (133,615 Copies) Jalandhar (7,404 Copies) Jammu & Kashmir (44,126 Copies)
Dharamsala (66,525 Copies) Lucknow (236,448 Copies) Rohtak (75,000 Copies)



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