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 Rates and offers for Vaartha Advertisement Booking
Advertisement Rate Card (2015)

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Circulation Info

Bhavnagar (39,990 Copies) Ahmedabad Chandigarh Gujarat
Kolkata Lucknow Mumbai Delhi
Pune Baroda Hyderabad Rajahmundry
Trichy Visakhapatnam Delhi Chennai (61,555 Copies)
Nagpur Mahabubnagar Tirupati Pune (106,000 Copies)
Aurangabad (12,666 Copies)
Know more about  booking Vaartha Matrimonials, Recruitment, Obituary display and text ads instantly from the following steps: 

1) Choose your Classified ad type (either Classified display ad or classified text ad)
2) Then select Vaartha as your newspaper.
3) Finalize your Vaartha classified ad category. You can choose from Vaartha Matrimony, Recruitment, Obituary ads and much more.Go through the rates of booking the ad from the   Vaartha advertisement rate card.
You can also figure out the cost of booking of your Vaartha ad from the Vaartha rates estimator provided below or you can proceed by clicking on the start booking button.