Mid Day

Mid Day
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If you are thinking why you should place classifieds Mid Day newspaper then here are a few points that you should consider before making your decision-Wide circulation-

  1. Mid-day covers major cities of India and its vernacular papers are targeted towards specific location and community. Today the newspaper has an estimated reader base of 5,00,000 for Mid-Day English.
  2. Cost effective - Classified advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising. Any SMBs or individual advertisers can easily afford the classified charges.  The classified charges for Mid-Day starts at Rs 495/ 15 words. 
  3. The exclusive ad booking packages that cover multiple locations help the advertisers to reach out to a larger number to audiences.
  4. The easy deadlines help advertisers to book ads in the shortest time span and facilitate in instant ad booking.

Mid-Day enjoys huge circulation across the country which seemingly attracts every advertiser to advertise in this newspaper. The other factor that plays an important role behind its popularity is that it is published in three different languages. Over the years the newspaper has maintained an exceptional editorial quality that embedded faith and connected more closely with the readers.

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