Times of India

Times of India
Now Book your Newspaper Classified Ads through the Internet at lowest rates!

The Times of India serves as the best platform for booking classified advertisements due to its wide coverage and popularity. Here’s why publishing your advertisement in Times of India classified has the obvious edge over other publications:

  1. Extensive reach: The Times of India spans every corner of the country covering over 35 major cities and towns and also has regional editions for the same.
  2. Low cost of Advertising: The most popular media platform of the country has the most modest ad charges specially when you consider its massive outreach.The costs are as low as Rs 190 per 5 lines.
  3. High brand equity: It has a loyal readership base and its brand equity makes it an ideal portal for booking your classified advertisements.
  4. Ease of personalisation: Publishing in the Times of India allows you to get striking ads with various customization tools to garner attention for your classified ads. Thus, booking a TOI classified ad opens various doors for your business or product.
  5. Guaranteed results: Having a wide coverage and an immensely diversified readership, classified ads published in Times of India are sure to reap desired and positive results for every kind of buying and selling requirement.

Select your Ad Category: This will specify the section in the newspaper where your Classified Advertisement will be published.