Frequently Asked Questions

releaseMyAd started up in 2009, and we've been on an awesome ride ever since. From our beginnings as a newspaper advertising company to launching the first online advertising booking portal, we've tried to stay true to our core beliefs and deliver an exceptional experience to our clients. We are the ultimate marketplace for advertisers and media houses.We provide advertisers with multiple media options and help media houses to sell their ads space efficiently.releaseMyAd is a technology driven ad agency which helps advertisers to book ads online in over 212+newspapers, 27 radio brands, 16 multiplex chains ,210 magazines and 100+ websites across 110 cities in India.We believe in making the advertising simplified and cost effective for businesses.
We specialize in media planning, buying and execution for both SMBs and start-ups. We have reached a point where we are fully equipped to strategize both hyper local and full-fledged pan-Indian marketing drives.We also create result-driven alluring ad creatives for our advertisers to get maximum ROI.
Find and launch Advertising campaigns Relevant for your businesses With a click.
There is no effective, trusted way for businesses and media houses to find and transact with each other online. releaseMyAd is an advertising solutions marketplace connecting businesses with media houses.Here you can find, compare and buy the advertising solution you need. Unlike Ad agencies, it eliminates any push based selling. Business can evaluate media options relevant to them and proceed at their own pace.
Our spectrum of customers served span across SMB's/local businesses, Corporates & Individuals. SMBs because of low ad spends do not have access to dedicated marketing teams/ agencies. Corporates having statutory advertising requirements (Appointments/Tenders/ Public Notice / Announcement Ads) desire lowest pricing & scalable reach. Lastly, individual consumers want to publish Newspaper Classifieds Ads for their occasional Matrimonial, Property, Personal, Obituary etc needs. Our online platform has successfully aggregated & catered to such requirements on a large scale.
With one can plan, book & execute their Advertising Campaigns in their chosen media in minutes. Our self-serve online platform - provides access to all relevant information required to educate, plan & compare different media options. For Ad creative, we either provide access to self-editable templates (print ads)/ allow uploading of existing creative/ get a creative brief from client which gets executed by our partner creative agency within the specified SLA. For eg:Launching an Ad campaign in Radio via releaseMyAd takes 2 days, in comparison to a month when done via offline sources. Print Campaigns in comparison are executed immediately.
No Booking Fee.We are primarily commissioned on the volume of advertising business we generate for our media partners. Advertisers however do not pay anything extra for our services.
There are a number of payment options that are available, and you can choose the one with which you are most comfortable. The payment options are:
  • Online Options: Net Banking, Credit and Debit cards – MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Card.
  • Offline Options: Cheque Deposit, Demand Drafts, and Cash Collection from home/office.
  • National Electronic Funds Transfer ( NEFT)
The discount depends on the volume of your business. Higher is the volume, lower the rate.You are required to share your requirements and we provide guranteed lowest rates.We negotiate to get the best rates and value adds for your Ad campaign.
Once you book an Ad with us and are registered you get access to your dashboard,wherein you can easily track the status of your Ad.You can also get in touch with our support tean to know the status of your Ad.
We are actively seeking partnership of enterprising individuals who are passionate about the advertising industry. The partner appointment will be selectively granted to prospects that demonstrate not only adequate business acumen, but also an impressive business track record, exceptional leadership traits, proven management capabilities and an ability to adapt to a constantly changing and evolving advertising industry.Owners of licensed advertising agencies will be given preference owing to their relevant experience in the advertising industry. However, non-advertising professionals who display an interest in associating with releaseMyAd, and willingness to acquire a advertising license or investing in an existing registered advertising agency are also encouraged to seek partnership with us. Applicants must also demonstrate sound financial resources to drive business growth without any disruption. For more visit: