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In order to review the ad rates for booking a classified Business ad in Sakal, please visit the following link: and choose either individual editions or simply choose a suitable package. You can create and design your classified text advert in the&...... view complete answer »
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Please know that we do not book Classified Text ad for Sakal. We book only Classified Display and Display ad for Sakal. Such ads are charged on the basis of their length and breadth and measured in per sq. cm unit. Should you like to book a classified display ad in the Business Section ...... view complete answer »
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In order to help advertisers select their preferred newspaper, we have devised a tool that helps you choose from a list of newspapers based on your Category which is Recruitment and location which is Orissa. To review the list of newspapers, you can take the help of our Online Newspaper Decider. ......
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Dear Customer! To start with the procedure to book the ad, please visit the Punya Nagari Ad Rates page for Situation Wanted. You will find the charges, discount packages, ad rates for all editions where the newspaper is circulated. Select an edition of your choice and proceed to confirm and complete......
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Based on your query we can suggest two options : Firstly, you can book your newspaper advertisement any time of the day using our online newspaper property ad booking website.  No issues if you do not possess a credit card as you can opt for convenient offline options like cash collection fr......
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Dear Customer! Please know that if you book the ad in your preferred choice of newspaper and specify your location as Delhi, then your ad will be published only in Delhi. We are an online ad booking agency and we will publish ads based on the requirements that you specify while booking the ad throug......
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Please know that since you haven’t mentioned your ad category, you have to book the ad individually every time for the locations that you’ve mentioned above. To start with the booking, please visit our Newspaper Ad Booking page and from here select your preferred category of the ad that ......
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