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Inorder to begin broadcasting of your Ad from a particular day you need to book your Ad and clear payments 2 days in advance. Book your Ad on ReleaseMyAd Cinema and select the desired date that you want to begin your campaign and clear your payments through our online and offline mode.......
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ReleaseMyAd provides cinema ad craetion and booking throughout the country in the leading theatre brands at the lowest rates. Incase you just want the ad creatives through us that would definetly be possible.We deliver exclusive jingles and slides to play on screen for our client brand......
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ReleaseMyAd Cinema provides cinema ad booking and ad creation services.The charge is also separate for both these services. The cinema screen booking charge does not include creative cost.So you will be charged separately for both.You can listen to our sample creatives our webite .......
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Slides are still Visual Creativity portrayed on big-screen .  Jingles are a small song or piece of music, used for selling an idea, product or service or for recall of the idea , product or service. ReleaseMyAd Cinema is in partners with Jingle India and we have a team of......
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ReleaseMyAd Cinema not only books cinema ads but also helps customers in creating the best impact.You can visit our website to view some of our sample work. In case of sales promotion for your store we recommend an audio impact to generate high sales result.This will help you fulf......
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