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Q I own an education centre and I wish to advertise about my services on INOX Cinemas in Delhi-NCR.What are the standard formats of cinema ads??

Atleast three Ads are played during intervals for seven days a week. INOX Cinema advertising  gives 2 formats to advertise with:

  • MUTE SLIDES- They are 10 seconder advertisements which are flashed on the movie screen.They are only visual slides with no sound effects and are depicted on the screen either at the start or in between the movie.They have a fairly low cost of production which is why they are a popular choice with advertisers.

  • AUDIO SLIDES- They are 20 seconder advertisements which are played on the movie screen.They carry sound effects along with visual clips.The audio could either be in the form of a voiceover,or jingle, or a background music They leave a more dramatic effect and have a higher recall value.

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Answered by Sharmistha Paul
Post date: 21/01/2015 - 12:54PM