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Q I want to advertise about my new haircare product on PVR Cinemas in Cochin.What are the marketing solutions that I have??

Campaigning about a new product through PVR Cinemas is an excellent decision,because of its huge market presence and brand value.

Cinema advertising offers two formats by which you can communicate to the audience.They are played either at the beginning or at the start of the movie:

  •    MUTE SLIDES: These are commercials which are displayed on the movie screen for a duration of 10 seconds.They resemble to the print ads in the sense that they have no audio effects to them.The attention of the audience is grabbed solely through the visual creative.However,its low cost of production makes it a common choice with the advertisers.
  •    AUDIO SLIDES: These are commercials which are played for a duration of 20 seconds.They have both audio and visual appeal to them and hence  have little chances of being ignored by the audience.Despite being a little more expensive than the mute slides,they are opted by advertisers because of its longer time span and stronger impact.

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Answered by Sharmistha Paul
Post date: 21/01/2015 - 12:53PM