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Q I have already advertised about my Home furnishing business in Kalol in the leading newspaper of Gujrat .Will advertising on Movieplex as a supplementary campaign be of any help? ?

Movieplex has 3 screens with a total of 658 seats in Kalol.It caters to the entertainment needs of diverse sections of the audience and is famous for providing excellent cinematic experience to its viewers.

On Screen advertising on Movieplex will provide a perfect support to your newspaper advertisement.You can reach out to a huge mass in a more appealing manner.

releaseMyAd is a renowned name in the field of advertising agencies.It serves as a perfect platform  for booking a cinema ad conveniently.In case you are still unable book your Ad, you can email your requirements at Also you can directly consult us on 09674167524.

Answered by Sharmistha Paul
Post date: 19/12/2014 - 08:25AM