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Q I want to advertise about my astrology services on Gossip Cinemas.What advantages does a audio visual slide offer over a mute one??

Advertising on Gossip Cinemas is a perfect way to  promote your astrology services,since its major target audience are Mumbains who have a high propensity to spend!

Advertisers are often befuddled about their choice of slide format.Despite the mute slides having a lower cost of production,the audio visual slides too ,offer an array of benefits over the mute slides:

  • Longer wavelength- The audio slides run on the movie screen for a longer span of time i.e., 20 seconds,unlike the mute slides which only last for 10 seconds.This will give you a chance to explain about your services more in detail.

  • Audio Appeal- Interesting sound effects in the form of celebrity voiceovers,background music and catchy jingles can be used to accompany the visual creatives.This makes the ad more impressive,and minimises the chances of ad ignorance.

  • Stronger Recall value- Audio visual adverts are seemingly more attractive to look at and to listen to ,thereby increasing  the recall value of the advertiser’s brand.

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Answered by Sharmistha Paul
Post date: 21/01/2015 - 12:06PM