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Q I own a fine dining restaurant in Mumbai.I am working on a tight advertisement budget,a part of which I have already invested by advertising through newspapers.However,I want to resort to On-Screen advertising in Maratha Mandir. How can I do so with the little funds am left with??

Maratha Mandir inspite of its widespread popularity in Mumbai,continues to be a very economical option for Cinema advertisers.Its advertisement rates have been kept considerably cheaper as compared to other Cinema theatres in Mumbai.The cost of advertising on the screens of Maratha Mandir for a period of 30 days starts at approximately Rs.4,500 for mute slides and at Rs.13,500 for audio slides.You can customise your format and duration according to the funds left in your hands.

releaseMyAd provides you the lowest rates and the best offers to launch your cinema ad in Maratha Mandir.

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Answered by Sharmistha Paul
Post date: 21/01/2015 - 12:12PM