A common query on publishing a a public notice advertisement in a cost effective newspaper daily in India.

We have to book space for public Notice Ad please help me in knowing cost effective news paper


We are currently unable to help you in detail since you have not mentioned the newspaper, location, ad type details.

Public Notice Advertisements are mostly released in Classified Display and Display Ad formats, either of which is charged according to per sq cm usage. You start your ad booking from our Newspaper Public Notice Ad Booking Website,.

You can choose between Classified Display - the cheaper option or a any page display ad option before being asked to choose the newspaper and target area of choice. Our website has sample ad designs for you to compose the advertisement instantly. Alternatively our experienced design team can prepare the ad creative once you share the ad matter with us.

For rates of releasing Tender Notice Ads in various newspapers visit our Newspaper Rate Decider Page and follow as directed.

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