Can u convert the remembrance ad matter in English to Telugu,Tamil,Kannada so I can place the ad in different newspapers-Sakshi (Telegu), Daily Thanthi (Tamil), Prajavani (Kannada)


In order to avail the Language translation or transcription option online to release your ad in different regional languages,  you need to start the booking of your ad. You may review the ad rates for a Remembrance ad in Sakshi on the Remembrance Ad Rates page of SakshiFor the rates and packages to advertise under the same category in Daily Thanthi, please begin your booking on the Daily Thanthi Remembrance Ad Rates page.

To check the rates for Prajavani, click on the Remembrance Ad Rates Page of Prajavani. Here you may review the rates and packages for all the editions under each of the preferred newspapers and to proceed you only have to select the edition or package. You will be difrected to the Compose Ad  section where you can create and design your ad as per your requirements. 

For Language Translation, you will find the language transcription option on the 'Compose ad' page. Please check mark that option and then enter the Ad Matter. After you type any word inside the box, of your preferred language in English script and press space, the word will automatically be transcripted in your preferred language.

While, if you intend to completely translate the ad matter from English to the preferred regional language, then you can make use of the inbuilt translator on in the Compose Ad section. In this section, you will find the "Language Translation- Complementary Service!"  at the bottom, simply choose that and your English ad will be translated,edited and then printed in the preferred language by the publication.

At the end, confirm the ad booking by specifying the release dates and clearing the payment for the same through our online or offline payment mediums. Confirm the ad booking at least 2-3 days in advance to avoid any delays in the release.

Post date: 07/03/2014 - 01:16PM