I would like to place a matrimonial advertisement in your Malayala Manorama Daily. Please tell us the ad rate and payment procedure.


For your convenience in reviewing the ad rates of Malayala Manorama under the matrimonial category, please visit the following link: https://malayalamanorama.releasemyad.com/rates/matrimonial. Here you can choose your preferred location to view the exact ad cost along with other combined discount packages available with Malayala Manorama. 

When you choose a particular region or discount package, you are directed to the 'Compose Ad' page, wherein you can create and design your classified ad with the help of our enhancements. After you are done composing your, please remember to confim the release dates. Please keep in  mind that you must complete the booking process, confirm the release dates and clear all the payments at least 2-3 days prior to the date when you intend your ad to appear in the newspaper. 

You can clear your payments via our online payment options that include Credit Cards/ Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Card), Net Banking or Offline mediums such as Cheque Deposit, Demand Drafts as well as Cash Collection from Home / Office - NEFT (Online Cash Transfer).

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