I am from Pune and I want to advertise about my coaching class. Can you tell me the rates for different newspapers and the booking procedure?


Your ad falls under the Education category. For the rates of different newspapers please visit the Newspaper Decider page on our website. In this section we provide you with a recommended list of top circulated newspapers for the selected ad category in the specified location. This helps you in deciding and selecting the best newspaper to place your ad.

On the Newspaper Decider page please select your ad category as Education and location as Pune from the drop down menu. This will display all the newspapers in Pune, the circulation number of each newspaper, basic price and discounts and the language in which it is published in Pune.

You can choose Maharashtra Times, Sakal, TOI or Punya Nagari as your newspaper as these offer higher circulation as well as reasonable rates and discounts.

For booking procedure, please refer to our Online Booking Slide Share Tutorial. Follow each slide to learn the step by step procedure of booking an ad with us.

For any other booking related query please call us on our number 09830629298. You can also drop in your queries at questions@releasemyad.com or book@releasemyad.com.

Post date: 21/05/2014 - 01:52PM