Now Book Newspaper Classifieds for Name Change advertisements online in the highest circulated national and regional newspapers of Bangalore. Compare rates and discount packages online and select the newspaper of your choice instantly.

Please create a draft and I need ad for *Passport* name change in minimum words. Need in 2 newspaper 1.National gazette 2.Local newspaper of Bangalore Document is attached. Use minimum words please and give me the charges. I want the ad to be released urgently.


To book a Name Change advertisement for your Passport, please visit the Newspaper Decider page of our website and from here select Bangalore as your location and category as Change of Name. This will display a list of highly circulated and the most popular newspapers in Bangalore in order of their circulation number, rates per number of characters and discount packages. You can choose one national English Daily that has a higher circulation like the Times of India, Deccan Chronicle or Deccan Herald and for local newspapers you may choose Vijay Karnataka or Prajavani.

Please check the rates and discount packages for the above mentioned newspapers in the Decider page.

You can upload the necessary legal documents for your name change in the Compose Ad step. To publish a name change advertisement you need to provide us with a Notarized Affidavit as your legal document for editorial approval. Apart from this a copy approved and signed by the Government Gazette Officer is also acceptable. 

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