I could not upload photo, it has given me error however I have put the request for ad with only text, Could you please help me how to get the photo included. My category is Remembrance and the newspaper is Times of India


Dear Customer! It is important for you to know that you can insert a photo only in the Compose ad step provided you have chosen Display Classified or Display as your type of advert. Text Classifieds publish only text as your ad copy. No images or pictures are allowed in these kinds of Classifieds.

So for a classified display, please refer to the TOI Remembrance Ad Rates page and specify your ad type as Display Classifieds here. This will provide you with the rates and discount packages for booking a Display Remembrance advert. Select your choice of edition and rates from here and click on the Book Now option to continue and confirm the booking.

If you want to book a Display ad, you can refer to the TOI Display Ad Book page and select your location(s), ad size and position from here and finally proceed to compose the ad. In the compose ad page you will find different sample layouts and enhancing tools which you may choose to edit and enhance your ad copy. To upload a photo, select the option ‘Choose File’ under the ‘Upload Logo’ Section. Select your choice of image from your Browser and then click on the Upload option. Your photo will be attached along with the ad matter that you type in.

If you still are unable to attach the photo, please check your internet connection. At times low or poor browser service might cause inconvenience in this matter. Please refer to the Online Ad Booking Tutorial for more details on the booking procedure.  For further queries please call us on our number 09830629298. You can also drop in your queries at questions@releasemyad.com or book@releasemyad.com

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