I would like to publish lost and found Announcement in Mumbai Mirror. This is regarding the class X mark sheet of my husband which he has lost. Please help me with the supporting docs that I need to submit? Are the Copies of FIR & Affidavit is enough?


As per your requirement, you need to publish an Lost and Found ad in the newspaper, of which Lost and found is a sub-category. If you intend to review the rates or start the booking of your ad, then please visit the Mirror Announcement Ad Rates section.

From here you can pick the edition of your choice or a package that suits you and then proceed to compose the advert with the help of ad samples or enhancements. Following this you must confirm the release dates and then make the payment for the same through the online or offline payment mediums.

In case of Lost & Found ads, you need to provide a scanned copy of the Original FIR lodged in favour of the lost document and then proceed to select the release dates and clear the payment for the same. You can send the document to  . Also ensure that the ad is booked at least 2-3 days in advance. 

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