What are the rates and specifications for booking 'Appointment' advertisements in Sandesh and Divya Bhaskar?


For booking appointment advertisements for new job openings, you will need to book your ad under the 'Recruitment' category. Please know that Appointment ads usually refer to Display Recruitment adverts. Display ads are priced based on their size and measured in terms of per sq.cm. unit.

Get the rates for individual editions and combo packages for the preferred newspapers on the Sandesh Display Ad Rates page and the Divya Bhaskar Ad Rates for Display section. All you need to do is choose the main edition, location and specify the ad size to get the exact ad cost.

Simply compose or upload your ad design and proceed to confirm the release dates and clear the payment for the same. Also keep in mind that the ad needs to be booked 2-3 days in advance so that it can be released on time. Also if you need help with the payment mediums then you can review the options provided below:

Online Methods:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • NEFT (Online Wire Transfer)

Offline Methods:

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Transfer
  • Cash Collection
  • Demand Draft
  • Cheque Deposits
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