Inform your friends and family about engagements, marriages, anniversaries etc. in your region through a medium which is accessible to people of your choice. Book your personal ads in Deccan Herald and convey your message to the people you want should know.

I wish to know the procedure for giving an item to be published in the engagements column of Deccan Herald. Please let me know to whom should I send the matter?


Please be informed that to book an engagement ad, you have to place your ad under personal ads and choose ‘Greetings and Celebrations’ on the ‘Compose Ad’ page.

Should you like the book the ad in Deccan Herald, please visit the following link: Choose the edition or your preferred location where you want your ad to appear and go on to the ‘Compose Ad’ page.

Please type in your ad matter; add enhancements like ticks, border screens, background colours etc. to magnify your ad. Lastly just confirm the release dates and proceed towards making your payments.

You must keep in mind that you should book your ad and clear your payments 2-3 days before the release dates.

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