Please let me know the rates for matrimonial ad in HT on continuous basis in Delhi and Chandigarh edition.


To review the ad rates for the matrimonial category in Hindustan Times for Delhi and Chandigarh edition, please click on the following link: On this page you can review all the individual ad rates along with combined discount packages for both Delhi and Chandigarh editions.

For continuous ads, you can review the insertion offers associated with particular newspapers. Since matrimonial ads are published only on Sundays, they can appear only once a week, if you choose to publish them on a continuous basis.

  • Hindustan Times (Delhi + NCR + Mumbai) - MUMBAI LAGAN:-Rs.4,000/ 5 Lines(Spl. Offer: Book 2 Get 2 Free)

  • Hindustan Times (Delhi + NCR + Chandigarh + Lucknow + Upcountry) + Hindustan (Delhi + NCR + Lucknow) - SAATH SAATH:-Rs.3,800/ 5 Lines(Spl. Offer: Book 2 Get 2 Free)

You can either book the ads together with different release dates or simply book the ad at least 2-3 days in advance. You must make sure that you clear all your payments at the same time for a timely release of your ad.

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