How to book a change of name ad in the Mirror?


The Mirror is a popular newspaper circulated in four cities of India: Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. To book Name Change ad in Mirror just go to our website and click on the Book Classified Ad tab. Our user-friendly website will guide you through out the way as you choose the following:

  • Click on All Other Categories
  • Choose  your Category as Change of Name
  • Ad Type: Text Classified/ Display Classified
  • Specify Location or Discount Packages: You will find all booking rates of name change ad in Mirror here.
  • Proceed to Compose Ad: Here, you phrase your ad, views samples, add enhancements, preview your ad, etc
  • Select Dates: You have to confirm the date/s you want your ad to be released.
  • Make Payments: This is the last stage of the journey and will end your booking process. You will have to make payments, here. We have a variety of online and offline payment options to choose from. You need to book your ad at least three days prior to its slated release.


Alternatively, you can also talk to our Newspaper Advertising Team at 09830629298 or write to us at to discuss the booking process of name change ads in Mirror.

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