What will be the cost for Times Ascent Advertisement

We want to hire business executives for our company. Would like to know about advertising packages for classified ads in Times Ascent. Please Help


Times of India Ascent primarily focuses on the classified ads which are published on Wednesday.  So if you want to book your ad in Times Ascent you have to keep in mind that the focus day is Wednesday. For booking ad, you can select  Times Ascent and  then choose the category ‘recruitment’.Next, select the edition and compose your ad or you design your ad content using different enhancement and samples. Once you are done with the designing you will be directed to the Dates & payment page where you can make your payment through our various modes. Also, note you have to confirm your booking prior 2-3 days in advance so that your ad gets published on time. With us, you get the option to browse through our packages and get offers. For more information or any kind of  guidance in booking ad, you can call our executives at  09830629298 or write us at  book@releasemyad.com.

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