How to Book How do I compose my Ad?

How do I compose my Ad?


To compose your Ad, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Visit
  • Choose your preferred ad type by clicking on the classified text / Classified Display or Display ad button on the homepage.
  • This directs you to the 'Select Ad Category' page. Specify your ad category, ad type, newspaper publication & edition details to see the list of available discount packages and individual edition rates
  • For help in selecting a publication by location or to choose multiple newspapers for your Ad, click on the ‘Target by specific City/Location' tab on the right of the page. Once done click on 'Proceed to Compose Ad' button to begin composing your ad
  • This directs you to the 'Compose Ad' page where you can compose or fill in your Ad matter in the textbox provided under the 'Type Your Ad Below' header. For help in composing your Ad text, you can review the ad samples by clicking on the ‘View Sample Ad’ tab provided right beside the textbox.
  • Upload the relevant documents (if required) by clicking on the 'Choose file' button towards the end of the page
  • Select enhancements such as Tick, Background colour etc. from the 'Enhancements' section.
  • Once you are done with the ad composition, click on the ‘Select Dates & Make Payment’ button
  • This takes you to the 'Dates and Payment' page where you can select the release dates for each selected publication (in case of multiple newspapers) from the calendars provided
  • You can view the total amount by clicking on the ‘Click to review your booking details’ button which is displayed towards the middle of the page.
  • Enter the discount code (if any) in the box provided for it, located towards the end of the page
  • Choose your preferred payment method.
  • Click on the 'Make Payment' button to finalize your payment

Your Ad is now ready to be published!!!!

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