What will be the cost for Public notice ad in Ajmer location in Rajasthan Patrika newspaper?


Thank you for your question. In Rajasthan Patrika newspaper Public Notice ad, all kinds of notice ad will go in the Classified Display and Display section with a minimum size of 4x4 and this form of ads is charged and measured on the basis of per square centimeter unit. You can customize your ad size as per your ad matter. The rate for Ajmer location is Rs 22,528 (for a minimum of 4cm x 4cm ad). For your ad matter, You can either upload your own creative or you can use our sample templates to book your ad.

Please note: For some ads, the publication needs some supporting documents like a lawyer's letterhead mentioning the ad matter with a stamp and signature that you can either upload while booking your ad, or you can email us at documents@releasemyad.com. Requirement of documents will be mentioned in the website.  In case you have any query you can contact us at 9830629298, email us at book@releasemyad.com or chat with our experts.

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