Where can I find information about Hindu newspaper ad rates?


Whatever your ad requirements may be, you can be assured of the lowest ad rates on releaseMyAd. However, the actual price that you pay for your ad in The Hindu will depend on several factors. If you want to book a Classified Text Ad, you will be charged on the basis of lines or the number of words used. If you want to book a Classified Display Ad, you will be charged on the basis of square centimetres occupied by the ad. Additionally, there are other factors that affect the price you pay for your ad, such as the specific city edition of The Hindu, the day of the week you want to place your ad, the specific page you want to place the ad, as well as available discounts,

if any. For more information on the current ad rates as well as available discount packages, we recommend that you visit the Ad Rates section on our website.

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