I will be moving to Malaysia for a few years on account of my job, and as my residence will be vacant I would like to offer it on rent. What is the process of booking ads in Anandabazar Patrika newspaper to find suitable tenants for my Kolkata flat?


Hello! There is always great demand for affordable housing, whether on rental basis or for outright purchase. In a city like Kolkata you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a suitable tenant. Nowadays there are lots of people looking to book ads in Anandabazar Patrika for various requirements. You will need to book a to rent ad in the Kolkata edition of Anandabazar Patrika, and doing so is very simple. Just follow these steps and you will have your booked in no time:

  1. Go to https://anandabazarpatrika.releasemyad.com/ 
  2. Select ‘to rent’ from the list of ad categories.
  3. Select the Kolkata edition of Anandabazar Patrika.
  4. Select your preferred ad type - Classified To Rent Text Ad or Classified To Rent Display Ad.
  5. Select the discounted package that best matches your requirements.
  6. Compose the ad matter for your to rent ad. Enhance with borders or bold fonts if desired.
  7. Select the dates that you want your to rent ad to run in Anandabazar Patrika.
  8. Make the payment for your ad and receive the invoice for the same.
If you need more information you can email us enquiry@releasemyad.com or call us on 9830629298.
Post date: 11/01/2021 - 04:50PM