Hello. My son, who just graduated with a BSc in economics has misplaced his marksheet while returning home from the university. We are residents of Ahmedabad and I would like to book a Divya Bhaskar newspaper classified. Please guide us through the ad booking process.


Hello! It is unfortunate that your son misplaced his marksheet. But the good news is, he will be able to obtain a duplicate! In order to facilitate that, you will need to book a lost marksheet ad in Divya Bhaskar. Since you are located in Ahmedabad and it was in Ahmedabad where your son misplaced his marksheet, you will need to book the Divya Bhaskar newspaper classified in the Ahmedabad edition of the newspaper. You just need to follow these steps: 

  1. Go to https://divyabhaskar.releasemyad.com/   
  2. Select ‘lost and found’ from the list of ad categories.
  3. Select the Ahmedabad edition of Divya Bhaskar.
  4. Select your preferred ad type - Classified Lost and Found Text Ad or Classified Lost and Found Display Ad.
  5. Select the discounted package that best matches your requirements.
  6. Compose the ad matter for your lost and found ad. Enhance with borders or bold fonts if desired.
  7. Select the dates that you want your lost and found ad to run in Divya Bhaskar.
  8. Make the payment for your ad and receive the invoice for the same.

For more information on booking lost and found ads in Divya Bhaskar, we do recommend that you have a look at the Divya Bhaskar page on our website.

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