I am the marketing manager of a reputed property development company in Chandigarh. I would like to book a display ad in Jansatta and I would like to know the Jansatta display ad cost. Where can I find out more about ad rates in Jansatta?


Hi! Since you are the marketing manager of a property development company, you will need to book your display ad in the Chandigarh edition of Jansatta. Display ads are the most extravagant form of advertising, and these ads can be placed on any page of your choice. However, the section of the newspaper and the day of the week that you wish to place the display ad will affect the actual price that you pay for the ad. The Jansatta display ad cost will vary depending on the respective city edition as well. Therefore, we recommend that you have a look at this link: http://jansatta.releasemyad.com/display-ad .

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