Mid Day How to Book - Rate I am a co ordinater in MIT institute Alandi Pune.

I am a co ordinater in MIT institute Alandi Pune. Our authority is keen to publish ad in some Pune very shortly.Size I have opted-8cm * 6cm. Newspaper Midday.Our first ad budget is 60,000 Rs. So i need to discuss.


We are an online ad booking agency and we book ads online through our website which gets published in the newspapers. As per your requirement you need to place a display advertisement and the charges are calculated based on the length and width of the advertisement, in per sq. cm unit.

To proceed to the booking of the Display Education Advertisement in Midday, please visit the following page: http://midday.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php. On this page select the main newspaper, choose the edition as Pune and specify the ad size as 8cm X 6 cm as well as the page preference to get the precise cost of the advertisement.

You can create your own advertisement, upload a new one as well as take creative help. Regarding the publishing date , the system will allow you to select the earliest possible date from the calender on the Make Payment page. Also make your payments through the same page through our online or offline payment options.

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