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I’m interested in publishing my parents 25th anniversary greetings in Eenadu paper in Andhra Pradesh, can you let me know how much it will cost me?


According to the occasion and requirement, your ad needs to be placed in the Classifieds page under the Personal ads section in your preferred Newspaper.

Should you like to publish your Personal Greetings ad in Eenadu for all the editions of Andhra Pradesh, then simply click on the following link: and choose the editions as per your requirement or you may simply opt for the All Editions package. Then you can create and design your advert in the Compose Ad section with the help of Sample Ads and enhancements. These enhancements include ticks, ad content borders, colour highlights, letter emboldening and even language translation; hence you can publish your personal ad in Telugu as well.

Please know that after the completion of your ad you must confirm the ad release dates along with the payment through our online or offline payment options.

Personal Ad for Eenadu Hyderabad City
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