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  As per your requirement to book a recruitment ad in Midday, please know that there are no specific days or dates as to when you can publish your ad in the preferred newspaper. You can choose to release the ad on any day including weekdays. Should you like to start the booking of your advert i...... view complete answer »
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To ensure the timely release of your ad, you must make sure that the dates when you intend your ad to be published should be confirmed at least 2-3 days prior to the release dates. You must also clear all your ad payments at the same time. Should you like to book the ad with us, please visit the ...... view complete answer »
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Please know that matrimonial adverts are published only during the weekends for Midday. As per availability, you can choose your ad release dates as Saturday or Sunday. Should you like to proceed with the booking of your matrimonial advertisement in Midday, across Mumbai and Pune, simply click on...... view complete answer »
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We are an online ad booking agency and we book ads online through our website which gets published in the newspapers. As per your requirement you need to place a display advertisement and the charges are calculated based on the length and width of the advertisement, in per sq. cm unit. To proceed...... view complete answer »
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In order to make birthday wishes you need to get your ad booked under the Personal Ads category. In order to get your advertisement booked under the Personal ads category of Midday, you need to start by visiting the Midday Personal Ad Rates page. On this page you need to select your ad type as Class...... view complete answer »
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Thanks for the query! You can book matrimonial ads in TOI in two popular formats- Classified Text and Classified Display. Classified texts are simple running text ads charged on the basis of the number of lines used in the ad content. To highlight the classified text ads you can use enhancers like......
 Post date : 20/07/2018 - 08:03AM
Well, in order to book ad in Marathi newspapers, you need not do much. Just visit our online ad booking page and follow the instructions to accomplish your ad booking. Once you select your preferred Marathi newspapers, you will need to select the required ad type, ad category, and then select your p......
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Hello! Thanks for writing to us. We do provide ad rates to our customers before ad booking. You just need to visit our portal in order to get Marathi newspaper advertisement rates.  Since we are accredited by INS, various publication houses share their rate card with us and we update the same......
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Thanks for writing us. You can advertise in Hindi newspaper through our portal. We are the leading advertising agency in India that helps advertisers to book ads in three simple steps. In Newspapers you can book ads in different formats which include classified text, classified display and display. ......
 Post date : 14/04/2018 - 04:27AM
Thanks for writing us. You can book Hindi newspaper advertisement through our ad booking portal. We are the leading advertising agency in India that helps advertisers to book ads in any newspaper. So if you are planning to book Hindi newspaper in newspapers, follow the steps given below- •......
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