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Thank you for contacting releaseMyAd. Please know that we are online ad booking agency & we book ads for different Indian newspapers through our portal. In case you need to know how to place an ad through ReleaseMyAd in a newspaper of your choice, please take a look at our online tutorial her...... view complete answer »
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As per the content of your advertisement, it will fall under the category of Property Ads. In order to book your advertisement in the classified section of Vijay Karnataka under Real Estate, please visit the following page for the rates and discount packages: http://vijaykarnataka.releasemyad.c...... view complete answer »
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Please note, as per company policy and legal guidelines, for the following case we require:. Change of Name: Notarized Affidavit   Your ad cannot be released unless we receive the required documentation mentioned above by fax/email (as attachment)/post, at least 2-3 days prior to publishin...... view complete answer »
Please know that as per your requirement of a Display advertisement, the rates are charged in terms of size of the advertisement. They are measured in per sq. cm of length and breadth of the advertisement.  To know about the rates, offers and insertion of booking a display ad in Vijay Karnat...... view complete answer »
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As per your requirement, you may availour Classified Text or Classified Display advert. Text ads are charged based on the chararcters, words or lines used in the ad matter while classified display ads measured in terms of the size of the advert. The minimum ad size for CD adsis 3 cm X 5 cm. To bo...... view complete answer »
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Thanks for the query. releaseMyAd is one of the top advertising agency in Nagpur that helps advertisers to book ads in newspapers, television, radio and internet.  Our portal helps advertisers to book ads in three easy steps and also lets advertisers to make the payment online. For booking ......
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The charges of ad agencies in Kanpur depends on various factors firstly it depends on the platform you choose and secondly the format and location. All these factors  plays a major role in determining the advertising cost. releaseMyAd allows advertisers to book ads in newspapers, radio, tel......
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Thanks for the query! The ad options that we offer for advertising in Nagpur is manifold. With us you can advertise in newspapers, radio, television and internet. Each of these platforms has different  ad rates because of their difference in their ad format. So if you're looking for adverti......
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