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Q I want to advertise my finance company in Radio Suryan, Chennai with jingle ads. What are your rates for ad booking and jingle creation??

Radio Suryan is a top radio station in Chennai. Advertising with jingle ads here will certainly boost your company's profile in Chennai. To check out the ad rates for Radio Suryan in Chennai, kindly log in at our radio advertising website at and scroll down to The Leading Radio Brands and click on RED FM(SURYAN FM 93.5). As the new page opens, select your preferred city as CHENNAI to view rates. After you make your selection of the city, choose: Ad Length, Frequency, Campaign Duration, Advertise During and you will get your ad rates for advertisng in Suryan FM.

Once you proceed to the next stage of Compose Ad you need to decide how your ad creative would be. You can order us to create your ad jingles at this stage. Our ace jingle partners Jingles India creates for your brand mesmerizing jingles which remain memorable for weeks to come. You can check out the price of our jingle making services at this stage.

You can call us at at 0903815241 or mail us at for further queries regarding radio advertisements.

Answered by Rituparna Banerjee
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