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To know the ad rates for recruitment advertising in the Hindustan Times, visit the HT Recruitment Ad Rates Page. On this page you can review the ad rates for individual editions as well as combo packages and choose from among the same. As soon as you choose the preferred edition or package...... view complete answer »
You have the requirement of a large number of positions for your organisation. In such a situation, it is advisable that you take out Recruitment Classified Ads for each position separately or you can mention the Situation Vacant criteria for all the positions in one Display Ad in the main pape...... view complete answer »
While booking a classified advert please keep in mind that the deadline for booking an ad is at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release date. To book a classified ad under the recruitment category in The Hindustan Times, Delhi edition, please visit the following link: http://hindustantimes...... view complete answer »
You can discover the cost of the mentioned ad matter when you start booking your own advertisement for Hindustan Times Classifieds Column. Here’s how : i) Visit our HT Recruitment Classifieds Rates & Booking Page. Check rates and proceed by selecting your target city or package if you w...... view complete answer »
The ad matter provided dictates it is a classified text or run on line ad and needs to be published under Situations Wanted Category Column. The same ad can be placed by visiting our HT Classified Booking Page .Choose your ad category as Recruitment and ad type as classified text. Once you are ta...... view complete answer »

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ReleaseMyAd has simplified your complete newspaper classified ad booking experience. You can now book a newpaper ad online from anywhere in the country in any newspaper and edition or location of your choice, in just 3 simple steps. To learn how to place an advertisment through releaseMyAd, pleas......
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Please be informed that ReleaseMyAd is an online platform for booking newspaper advertisments for different newspapers. You can release classified adverts in any newspaper of your choice through us. In order to know how to book an ad through, please visit the following link: ......
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Once you've created your Ad and made the payment, your Ad is provisionally booked. Your Ad would be released upon realization of your payment or receipt of your cheque number (if you've made your payment by a cheque) and your Ad ID. Different Newspapers have different deadlines, depending......
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To compose your Ad, please follow the steps outlined below: Visit Choose your preferred ad type by clicking on the classified text / Classified Display or Display ad button on the homepage. This directs you to the 'Select Ad Category' page. Specify your ad category,......
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When you choose an ad type, you are directed to the ‘Select Ad Category’ page where you can choose the appropriate category for your advert. You can choose the Sub Category from the dropdown menu on the ‘Compose Ad’ page. If we find that the chosen category and subcateg......
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