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In order to get help with the booking of your advertisement through releaseMyAd, please visit our Online Ad Booking Tutorial. To place your Recruitment ad in the classified section of Hindustan Times go through this following link: Here ...... view complete answer »
ReleaseMyAd has made booking classified ads really easy for its clientele. To book Classified Ads in Hindustan Times you will have to select Book Classified Ads once you reach our website. The easy-to-navigate-site will then guide you to a page where you need to choose your category. This will d...... view complete answer »
Please be informed that you can publish a recruitment ad on any day in Hindustan Times. If you wish to book a Classified text ad in HT under the recruitment category, please visit the following link: Just select the category as recruitment and...... view complete answer »
Hindustan Times Shine is the best place to publish your Situations Vacant Classifieds or Display advertisement owing its huge popularity among young professionals and job seekers. HT Shine Jobs supplement releases ads in Display format (expensive with designs) and classified text format (cheaper ...... view complete answer »
Please know that as per the content of your advertisement, you need to book a Classified Text Advert under the Recruitment Section of the preferred newspaper. The rates for text ads are measured based on the number of lines/characters/words used in the ad matter. To review the rates for advertising ...... view complete answer »

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To decide on the offers provided for a particular newspaper, please follow the steps outlined below: Click on the View Rates tab on the homepage On this page ’Select  Ad Category’, ‘Select Newspaper’ and ‘Select Location’ This will display all the d......
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Click the on the Newspaper Decider link at the bottom of the website This takes you to a 'Help in Deciding your Newspaper' page On this page just select the Category and City or Zone from the drop down menus provided This will display all the newspapers, the circulation of each newspap......
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ReleaseMyAd uses industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your payment and personal information. We work with third-party service providers to offer our customers a secure way to make online payments. Any information that you enter when transacting on ......
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ReleaseMyAd books ads for all the leading newspapers of India which include giant publications like the Times of India, Hindustan Times, Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu, Dainik Jagran and many more.      For a complete list of our partner publications, please visit the following ......
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Classified display ads: These are high visibility ads which can be upgraded with logos/ images and published Display ads: These are big budget, expensive ads and can appear on any page, adjacent to general editorial content. These are usually preferred by expert advertisers
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