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Publishing Days

All Days

Booking Deadline

2 day prior to release date

Minimum Size

4cms (W) x 4cms (H)

Select the city you want to advertise in:

Edition Circulation Rate
Ahmedabad54698 Copies Rs.107 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Bangalore118877 Copies Rs.400 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Mumbai602460 Copies Rs.790 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Pune95578 Copies Rs.400 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. There is an event being organised in Pune, which needs to be promoted with a large half or full page advert in the Mirror, can you help me with the same?

Q. An advertisement needs to be published in the non-classified pages of Mirror, what is the format for it and how to book the ad?

Q. What is the rate for 1st and 3rd page ad in Mumbai Mirror for Business Purposes

Q. I want the rates to release an ad in all editions of Maharashtra/Display for Mirror.

Q. Name = Santhosh Email = i**** Mobile = 9******4 For = Display Pullout-Main Newspaper advertisements for Mirror Ad Size = 4x4 Location = Bangalore