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Public Notice is referred to a notice which is addressed to the general public by a particular company, government, individual or some entity's happenings. It is published to create general awareness and get any valid impediments for the same.The major reason of publishing a public notice ad in newspaper is the extensive reach. Publishing Ad in newspaper is a legal mandate for many a cases and  that the concerned entity needs to follow the same for further proceedings of their case. One is required to publish ads in 2 acceptable and registered newspaper.One should be in English and another can be placed in any regional language.The major reasons for publishing a public notice in newspaper are to smoothen the processing of a property deal, justified share of parent’s property wherein there is no nominee, settlement of property disputes in family, claims against legal heirs of the property, post property on auction, investigate the title of the property, cancellation & termination of property agreement, dissolving of oral agreement between purchaser and seller of a property, tender notice, notification on loosing shareholders certificate, etc.

releaseMyAd is the leading newspaper advertising agency of the country enabling advertisers to place their notice ads in the top newspapers of the country at the lowest rates.We understand that people placing public notice ads are not looking for response rather place it for legal formality. So, we help advertisers to choose the right set of newspapers helping them save a significant proportion on their Ad spend.

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Why Advertise

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Tips on getting a Public notice Ad:

  • The notice should have a clear headline as “PUBLIC NOTICE” or “TENDER NOTICE”.
  • Include no more than two or three sentences explaining the reason of publishing the notice. Content should be clear and crisp.Do not overload your ad with text.
  • Clear mention of name of individual, company or any entity that is involved.
  • Usage of  a clear, easy-to-read font. Select a bold font in a simple print. Arial works well.
  • Date is a must.
  • Include your contact information wherever necessary (name, email id, address).

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