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Retail advertising goes hand-in-hand with sale of retailer’s products. It is an inseparable part of retail business since it results in brand promotion and builds customer loyalty for the brands. The retailer through various advertising strategies strives hard to promote his brand amongst the masses to make them visit the store on a frequent basis.  Specific prospect groups can be easily targeted through advertisements in leading dailies and even local newspapers in the respective vernacular language. Retail newspaper display ads prove to be very effective in stimulating purchases due to the inclusion of large vibrant graphics and hence attracting attention. They cover a large area in print and thereby prices are on the higher end.

releaseMyAd enables retailers to compose beautiful and striking display ads in any preferred regional as well as national newspapers. Through its online portal, fully customized ads can be prepared with choices of a variety of layouts and formats. All this, at the lowest rates with options of some lucrative discount packages to choose from. For any assistance, experts are there to serve your needs along with numerous samples for reference.

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Why Advertise

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