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Publishing Days


Booking Deadline

2 day prior to release date

Minimum Size

5cms (W) x 3cms (H)

Select the city you want to advertise in:

Edition Circulation Rate
Ahmedabad335885 Copies Rs.325 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Baroda140844 Copies Rs.150 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Bhavnagar15812 Copies Rs.25 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Bhuj16519 Copies Rs.50 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Mumbai Rs.100 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Rajkot144632 Copies Rs.75 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Surat168135 Copies Rs.135 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to give a business ad in Sandesh on last page on Sunday and Monday for once.Please give me the quotation both for the color and BW ad and location is Rajkot

Q. Hi Sir / Madam,Please provide me with Sandesh Public Notice rates for all editions. Thanks and Regards.Dinesh Shinde

Q. I want to give an advertisement regarding our software across Gujarat I would like to know about the different sizes of ads that can be placed in multiple editions of Sandesh so that we can plan accordingly, so request you to provide us with the same.