Advertise in The Statesman - Appointment

Publishing Days

All Days

Booking Deadline

2 day prior to release date

Minimum Size

4cms (W) x 4cms (H)

Select the city you want to advertise in:

Edition Circulation Rate
Bhubaneswar6913 Copies Rs.180 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Delhi7815 Copies Rs.180 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Kolkata103586 Copies Rs.450 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE
Siliguri8685 Copies Rs.180 sq cm GET LOWEST RATE

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Please send me rate card for advertisement in The Statesman, Kolkata to advertise our company Option 1 = Full Page Option 2 = Half Page Option 3 = Quarter Page In the classified section. If you could send this at the earliest, we can tie up with you after looking at the rate cards.

Q. I wish to book pointer ads in The Statesman over the weekend. It would be great if you could please send me the relevant details - size, cost etc.

Q. Please provide me the tentative rates for a coloured 4cm x 4cm Display AD/Text ads in order to advertise my marriage bureau in The Statesman