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Astrology Classified Display Ad

Classified Display (CD) Astrology advertisements have become much more prevalent in today’s day and age due to the rising competition in the field of Astrological Studies. Hence to boost your business it is necessary that you create an attractive ad that can hold the attention of the prospective clients with its content.

The cost of CD ads is calculated on the basis of the length and width of the advert due to the space taken up by it in sq.cms of a particular newspaper page. These ads can be designed and adorned with the help of our design templates & enhancements. Expert advertisers can upload their own personally designed ad and publish it through ReleaseMyAd.

The releaseMyAd Advantage :

ReleaseMyAd has transformed your newspaper ad booking experience into an advantageous and simple 3 steps:

Inaugurate the booking of your newspaper ad by choosing the appropriate ad type ad Display Classified and go on to select the category as Astrology which will take you to the stage where you can compose your ad in your own way.

The next stage provides you with a range of design templates and other decorative enhancements like changing background colors, uploading images and logos of your Astrology company or you can even upload astrological signs or zodiac signs. You can even format the text by changing the font style and size as well. Advertisers with extensive knowledge in the field of newspaper advertisement can upload their personally designed adverts through releaseMyAd. You can review your ad before publishing it with our Live Preview Ad Feature.

The last stage requires you to confirm your ad release dates and clear your payment via our online (Credit/Debit Card & Net Banking) options or our offline (Demand Draft/Cheque Deposits and Cash Collection) mediums. At the end of all this you’ll receive an email confirmation with all your booking details in the form of an invoice.

Tips to compose your Astrology Classified Display Ad:

Astrological CD ads posses a lot of scope for design and enhancement, hence releaseMyAd provides you with a list of suggestions in order to help you make your advert stand out.

Highlight your Display Classified adverts in a newspaper of your choice by following certain helpful tips:

  • Choose a design template which is most beneficial for you, for e.g select a design which enables you to upload images and logos as the templates without these options cost as much as those with these enhancements
  • In order to draw maximum attention to your astrology advert make sure you choose a colored background over a black and white one as colors have much higher visual effect on a reader
  • Do not forget to upload zodiac signs or images as well as astrology organisation logos as these imbibe faith of the reader in your services
  • You can also reduce the ad cost by reducing the size of the font in your ad’s content as well use a font style according to your own choice
  • Expert Advertisers who choose to upload their personally designed advert must make sure that they specify the size of the ad very precisely to get the exact cost estimate and also get their ads published just the way they prefer

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