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Astrology Classified Text Ad

Astrology is a science that controls a lot of human actions, emotions and affairs, be it through numerology or tarot card reading, be it palmistry or onomastics (study of names). It has become an avenue for a very profitable business in today’s day and age.

So advertising your astrology centres or personal astrology consultancies with newspaper text classified ads has become a very common activity. Text adverts at ReleaseMyAd are charged on the basis of per 5 lines per characters used in it along with other enhancement charges.

The releaseMyAd Advantage :

ReleaseMyAd has transformed your newspaper ad booking experience into an advantageous and simple 3 step process:

Begin booking your ad by choosing the ad type as Classified Text and then go on to choose your category as Astrology to start composing your run on line advert. You can simply specify the type of Astrology you are engaged in, like Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot Cards and you can also advertise your business of astrological stones with simple text ads.

The next step is where you can compose and design your ad by typing your ad matter in the box and add necessary enhancements like ticks, screen borders or colors to adorn and differentiate it from other ads. ReleaseMyAd enables you to see how your ad will appear in a newspaper before publishing it with our unique Live Preview Ad Feature.

To get an instant confirmation via email with all your booking details, please make sure that you confirm your release dates. Also ensure that you have cleared all your payments at least 2-3 days prior to the release dates. You can make all your payments through our secure online mediums such as via Debit/Credit Cards & Net Banking (All Indian Banks); or avail our offline payment mediums which include payment via Demand Drafts, Cheque Deposits and even Cash Collection from your doorstep.

Tips to compose your Astrology Classified Text Ad:

Just like astrologers provide good and beneficial tips for a healthy future and life, ReleaseMyAd provides some helpful tips for the best possible composition of your newspaper ad.

Create, Compose and Embellish your simple text astrology advert with certain helpful tips:

  • The most visually effective enhancement is color, so choose a colorful background for your astrology text advert
  • Use a tick mark to separate your ad’s look from the other classified texts surrounding your’s
  • Add a screen border to make your advertisement distinct and stand out among the rest
  • A few handful newspapers such as AnandaBazar Patrika, Daily Thanthi and even Malayala Manorama offer certain complementary enhancers like underlining the text content, emboldening the text as well as translators in case of regional newspapers
  • The best part of composing your ad on is that you can get a clear preview of how your ad will appear in the newspaper with our Live Ad Preview Feature

For further details on composing ads & to avail new packages or to Contact Us visit our Frequently Asked Questions Section: